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Orion offers a wide range of integrated and complementary services resulting in effective solutions for your organisation.

Through the intelligent application of tried and tested methodologies combined with the innovative use of technology and niche capabilities, Orion brings effective and responsive solutions to the operating environment.

Threat Fusion™

Understanding your environment and making informed decision based on fact and sound analysis is essential to operational effectiveness and should form the basis of all critical functions.

Combining local knowledge and atmospherics, ground truthing, information aggregation, intelligence analysis, cultural and social understanding, situational consciousness and sound planning is essential for the protection of life. This process ensures minimal disruption to key organisational functions, and helps enable operational stability thus promoting business continuity.

The ability to understand, analyse and engage in complex and highly unpredictable environments combined with the expertise to predict, identify and interdict threats is the cornerstone of Orion’s approach to challenging and expeditionary  landscapes.

Threat Fusion™ combines the disciplines of

  • Information aggregation
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Threat prediction and identification
  • Situational consciousness
  • Cultural and social understanding and cohesion
  • Geo-political insight
  • Local knowledge and atmospheric
  • Influence and shaping
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Diplomatic Protective Security Management

The geopolitical landscape has never been more complex, fluid or uncertain. Both globally and regionally it has become increasingly influenced by the actions of minor states and non-state actors. We know and understand from experience that diplomacy is a sensitive and critical element of global geopolitics.

Orion has considerable proven experience and expertise in delivering holistic innovative diplomatic protective security solutions in expeditionary and challenging environments. These environments include both Iraq and Afghanistan as well as select locations across South East Asia and South Western Pacific.

These services range from the full spectrum of Diplomatic Protective Security Services to discrete capabilities.

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M.A.A.S.T. –  Media Assistance, Advisory, Security and Training

We live in a world of information availability and demands – technology is available to the masses on a scale and at a standard never imagined a decade of two ago. As a result much of the world’s population demand information and news at their fingertips 24/7, 365 days a year. Delivering a constant flow of information and news can be  demanding and challenging in what are often hostile environments and tight budgets. All these factors contribute to this being a potentially dangerous and difficult undertaking.

We have provided advice and training to a number of well known and respected media organisations across the world to include CNN, Fox, ABC and NHK. Orion has the experience and expertise to provide the overlay required so that media organisations and media professionals can concentrate on and undertake their work in remote and hazardous locations safely and effectively.

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Ground Truthing & Remote Area Access and Sustainment (R.A.A.S.)

Whilst technology has allowed remote monitoring and surveillance to reach scalability and levels of capability never before available, such technology still cannot provide the whole picture. Physical human presence is required to gain a true measure of the feel and atmospherics in a specific location. This requires ‘boots on the ground’, to interpret and analyse the actual situation.

‘Ground Truthing’ is the art of real time interpretation of the situation in a specific location. It involves not only direct observation but also the understanding and interpretation of the pattern of life, atmospherics, hazards and obstacles as well as the human  landscape. It requires discretion, tact and good situational consciousness.

Gaining access to and sustaining a presence in remote areas remains a challenge, particularly in a resource and time constrained world. Orion’s unique capability to support remote activities and operations logistically is underpinned by its ability to gain access and project into remote locations.

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T.E.A.M. – Training, Education, Advisory & Assistance, Mentoring

Orion has a number of complementary services in the training, education, advisory, assistance and mentoring space. The training, advisory and mentoring continuum is central to any successful operation or overseas program. Experiential learning is the cornerstone of Orion’s training, education and mentoring philosophy.

Training and Education

Orion offers a number of courses and educational programs to include:

  • HEAT
  • Travel and personal security
  • Surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter surveillance
  • Leadership and team enhancement

Advisory & Assistance

Orion offers the following advisory and assistance services:

  • Threat analysis and risk management
  • security reviews
  • Security design
  • Project analysis and design
  • Emergency and crisis management
  • K4R/KRE (kidnap 4 ransom/kidnap, ransom, extortion)
  • Investigations


Orion offers the following mentoring services:

  • ‘Embedded’ advisors/mentors
  • Tailored mentoring programs for individuals and teams
  • Project Management teams and personnel
  • Design teams and advisors
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H.A.R.M. – Hostile Activity Risk Management

In order to achieve a ‘no harm’ environment, you need to apply H.A.R.M.

Hostile Activity Risk Management (H.A.R.M.) unpacks and analyses the historical, prevailing and evolving threat source landscape and activity. It focuses on and deep dives into those elements which represent the greatest threat to the specific client. It then tests the client’s preparedness and response to those elements. The criteria that underpin this process includes:

  • Response effectiveness,
  • Agility,
  • Timeliness and,
  • The ability to recover, repair and re-posture.

The assessment process can involve red teaming and penetration testing at all protective layers to assess effectiveness of the system. Once this process is complete and vulnerabilities and weaknesses have been identified, mitigation measures can be implemented as part of a holistic management solution.

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S.B.T. – Special Business Teams

SBT’s are specifically designed and built to meet the challenges of each specific client. They allow business/corporates to understand the competitive landscape more fully/better, to gain and maintain agility, freedom of action and initiative in the marketplace.

An S.B.T. is a strategic level business reconnaissance asset that needs to report in at senior levels of management. It allows the user to identify, analyse, assess and ground truth new business opportunities prior to commitment. It is also designed to achieve market ‘break in’ before handing off to a larger project team. This asset helps de-risk new business opportunities, transfers risk away from larger business units and helps protect reputation.

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Providing integrated and innovative solutions to complex and evolving challenges.